Scale-Up Trials for Dairy Products and Processing Methods

The Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing is the only resource of its kind developed to facilitate the commercialization of manufacturing processes that expand the product portfolio of dairy-based ingredients produced for domestic and international markets.

The Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing, a component of the new Davis Dairy Plant at South Dakota State University (SDSU), provides dairy ingredient manufacturers with an efficient and valuable way to research, develop and test new dairy-based ingredients and processes. The Institute offers these opportunities by conducting responsive and comprehensive scale-up trials in a timely fashion with technical experts available to assist.

Testing with No Down-Time for You

Historically, the lack of semi-commercial scale equipment in the United States has limited the ability of manufacturers to develop and introduce new dairy ingredients for domestic and global use. In the past, a dairy-based ingredient manufacturer wanting to test a new product or new system needed to shut down an entire production line in order to do so. This practice resulted in lost manufacturing time and potential product failure due to lack of real commercial scale-up measurements needed to test production of a new ingredient.


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Virtual Tour

Join Dr. Lloyd Metzger for a video tour of the Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing

Chenchaiah Marella, manager of the institute, provides a closer look at the state-of-the-art filtration system